Each Kingdom has their own coin they mint. Aequor’s coins have pictures of Noble Birds of Prey upon their surface Eagle for Gold, Falcon for Silver, and Hawk for Copper. Galenthia has weapons, Crossed Lances for Gold, Crossed Swords for Silver, and a single Axe for Copper. Four Corners and Rikton both mint coins that have a Dove on the Gold coin, Laurels on the Silver, and the Cross of the One Faith for a Copper. Kentaire has a Mounted Knight on its Gold Coin, a Spearman on the Silver, and finally an Archer on the Copper. The coinage of the Vir Sidus Empire bears the Imperial Eagle on the Gold coin, Gladius on the Silver coin, and Laurels for the Copper. Despite the different coins that move and circulate around the West, and despite the nation of origin they all have the same value being made of a uniform weight and size, and all equal the following:

1 Gold Crown = 10 Silver Hammers = 100 Copper Star

It is also well worth noting that barter and trade is often a perfectly acceptable manner of exchanging goods, particularly among commoners. Generally speaking (of course) goods or services of equal value are traded, but (also of course) most folks always try to haggle to get the best deal.

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