Dungeon Crawl System (DCS)

The Dungeon Crawl system allows players to explore the ruins of the Islands of Ryalta. But beware, there are traps, puzzles, wildlife and of course enemies out there who will be in your way from reaching the Heart of the Dungeon.

Dungeon Hearts are merely the name for artifacts found in the dungeon, IE the reason an adventurer is there. Players have any reasons for going on a DCS adventure, and we here as staff will let you decide for the reason. The ruins of Ryalta are recently discovered and appear to be a the remains of a society that existed somewhere around the time of the Sidhe Wars. Some of the ruins are human made and some are otherworldly demesnes of the Sidhe recently brought back to life with the awakening of magic.

The Queen of Ryalta has opened her lands to adventurers and explores to explore and map the ruins, as well as to bring artifacts to her all for the low low price of money. Of course an adventurer doesn't HAVE to bring the Queen his or her discoveries, but then they run their own risks of dealing with the Queen ….

The Queen offers money for artifacts, and maps of the dungeons. The better detailed, the more money, the more exotic artifact the more money. The more …. You get the idea.
There is also money available for proof of kills, the details of which can be found Here

To do a DCS Adventure

First, determine if you are wanting a lethal or non lethal Dungeon Crawl. A Lethal Scene is just that. If you fall in battle, you die, and your stuff is left in the mud and blood unless a companion drags it out. A non-lethal scene won't change the difficulty, but you forfeit any chance of winning Sidhe Steel or forbidden tomes. Completing a DCS earns each player 1 FATE, to be awarded to the character completing the DCS. Players providing an NPC may assign the FATE to a character of their choosing.

You will also have the option of making a map. If a party makes a map of the dungeon they crawled through, then each person in the Crawl will earn an ADDITIONAL .25 XP as well as a 2nd FATE point. These must be posted with the log.

Please Note: You may not have more than 4 FATE on a character. Any FATE you cannot assign is lost.

Second the reason for your quest, the Heart of the Dungeon. Here are the simple rules for determining what this is:
1: The Heart of the Dungeon is never a Forbidden Lore Book or Sidhe Steel weapon, those can only be gotten through chance in the Dungeon itself.
2: The heart of a dungeon is a treasure of monetary value that can be described however you like, of a wide variety of items. Many have value as artifacts of the Sidhe or historical archaeological significance, but ALL of them are to be turned over to the Adventurer's Guild. The price of doing adventure!

How Many Can you do a Week?
A player may do as many DCS's inside their home province as there are DCS's. (IE Duchy, or in the Colony's sake the name of their Colony EX Paras, Candeo etc). However, a player may ONLY travel to other DCS's around the world a number of times equal to their Economy Score. Airships are expensive.

Example. Corwin has an Economy Score of 3. There are 2 DCS's inside his Duchy so he can do those without penalty. There are six in other duchies of the Kingdom, so he'll have to pick and choose 3 of them!

At the same time, if you are commanding troops, from the date of this posting (12/8/19) going forward, you MUST command the troops you moving. You don't have to command them at the battle site, but you MUST travel with your troops. This means while troops are moving you cannot participate in other DCS's. You're away from Airships. Before you ask, no you may not have a trusted Steward move them for you. If you intend to use them, they MUST be commanded for you. This is for DCS Bounties or a DCS run for fun by players. You may ONLY participate in a number of Mass Combat DCS's equal to half your Command Score rounded up. So you will be forced to pick and choose, and god forbid assign others.

Also, troops used in a DCS and then move on to another, from here on out (12/8/19) Will acquire fatigue if not given time to heal after a battle. This means that for every battle they participate in one week after the last, troops will take double the wounds per time in combat.

If you need more troops for a DCS speak to Staff, and we can and will try to reasonably help, likely with a Command AND Stewardship Roll.

A player may do as many ADVENTURE DCS's as they wish, but not if they are moving troops.

Similarly, a player may only NPC in a DCS (Not Staff run scenes) 2 times a week. This is to keep players from simply NPC'ing everything and still gaining the XP awards.

Mercenary characters may at the beginning of a week work for a Duchy (They can discuss with players if there is a PC Ducal) and be employed and have that be their "Home" region, and then travel for the others. They need to put in a job when they have decided what their region is. The staff doesn't need to answer it. We'll likely just delete it and know that was your region for movements.

So you've chosen if it's lethal or not. Not how big is it?

To determine this, roll on the following Charts:

How many Floors Above ground?

+dice 1d4+0

  • 1: No floors above ground! Just an entrance that leads into the depths …
  • 2: 1 Floor Above ground.
  • 3: 2 Floors above ground.
  • 4: 3 Floors above ground.

How many Floors lay beneath the Earth?

+dice 1d6+0

The number rolled determines the number of floors that descend into the depths of the earth.

As you reach each floor, type +dice 1d10+1. This determines how many rooms a floor has.

Note, that floors above ground can not have more rooms than the floor below it.

I.E. If floor one has 10 rooms, and when you reach floor 2, you roll an 11, it automatically becomes 10 rooms.

This does indeed mean you can end up with a tower with just 2 rooms per floor.

Naval Adventures (Option)
While not part of the Ryaltan Adventurer's Guild there are plenty of naval encounters. If you want some battles on a river or on the Three Oceans, and intend on boarding a ship, then use this, and go for it.

Sometimes Piracy happens. Or sometimes you're in a civil war and you gotta board a ship. Or sometimes the adventure calls for the taking of a ship. Regardless of the reason for nautical warfare and adventure, the following is the rules to use in a player run scenario on the Rivers or Oceans of the West. Obviously, this only occurs after a naval battle, or even in the middle of one if a ship is being boarded.

Decide what the goal of the boarding is. Maybe it's to get a piece of treasure, or maybe it is to kill the captain, or maybe it's to capture the ship in general. (Which involves capturing or killing the Captain.)

Town Battle DCS
This is to be used for players to engage in battles in the Civil War and or other wars. While fighting Villages and Towns are open for players, if a player group wants to take a City. they must have Staff Permission. Players will roll on rooms until they reach the Square. The Square cannot be any of the first five rooms, and if it is rolled, the players must reroll. For each Town Battle DCS completed the players earn a Temporary Mental Trait called: Renown followed by the number of Renown earned. Put a date the last Renown was earned. When a Month has passed one's renown is dropped by 2, but can never go below 0. When a player reached 10 Renown, they should put in a Job on the Job channel to be set up for something special from Staff. (By Staff we mean Snoopy)

Determine if you are going after a Town or a village. Almost all villages or Towns are walled, or at least defended with earthworks. Before the players can enter the village, they must defeat the outer defenders. This can be a standard Mass Combat, or it can be assumed that the armies are fighting and the players must take the gate.

Defending the Gate are skill 2 Professional soldiers. Since this is one of the hardest battles, there are ten enemy soldiers that must be defeated. Once the gates are clear, the players then must fight their way to the Square.

Fortress Battle DCS
So you've managed to secure a town that has a keep. Now it's time to secure the region by taking the fortress. This can be difficult as the securing of a region is a big deal. As such, Fortress Battles are ALWAYS Lethal. Players have two chances to take a fortress after the City is secured.

Because the Keep is the most important thing in the city, it is defended by Skill 2 troops in Chain. They will have 6 Stress.

The Lord of the Keep, (Even if it is not a Lord commanding the Defense of the Town), the person in the Grand Hall is Skill 3, in Coat of Plates and has 9 Stress.

For each Fortress Battle DCS completed the players earn a Temporary Mental Trait called: Renown followed by the number of Renown earned. Put a date the last Renown was earned. When a Month has passed one's renown is dropped by 2, but can never go below 0. When a player reached 10 Renown, they should put in a Job on the Job channel to be set up for something special from Staff. (By Staff we mean Snoopy)

The objective of the Fortress Battle is to secure the Grand Hall, which is not always on the ground floor. The first thing to do then is to figure out how large the Keep is.
First roll +dice 1d4+1 to determine how many floors the Keep has.
Second, roll +dice 1d6+4 to determine how many rooms each floor has.

It is important to note, that regardless of what rooms are rolled, a stairway is the last room on the floor if one is not rolled. Similarly the last room in the keep on the last floor explored will be the Grand Hall.

The Bandit scenario for DCS is designed to be a quick scene and a way to gain RENOWN. For each bandit DCS completed the players earn a Temporary Mental Trait called: Renown followed by the number of Renown earned. Put a date the last Renown was earned. When a Month has passed one's renown is dropped by 2, but can never go below 0. When a player reached 10 Renown, they should put in a Job on the Job channel to be set up for something special from Staff. (By Staff we mean Snoopy)

Bandits DCS
The Bandit DCS assumes there is a group of bandits in the area that could be assaulting any number of things. These are never Mass Combat scenarios, though players could easily find themselves facing groups of bandits.

Please keep in mind this one is designed to be quick and is wholly martial in nature. That being said, always remember there is more than ONE way to skin a cat, and this is cooperative storytelling. So work with your party to come up with difficulties appropriate to the task other players may try to do to defuse, coerce, or otherwise perform in this DCS.

After deciding if this is lethal DCS or not the first step is to figure out the scenario that sees the players facing off against Bandits. Type +dice 1d6+0 to find out and tell the tale.

1. Caravan Attack.
2. Patrol stumbles on a village being raided by Bandits
3. Patrol stumbles on a Bandit Camp
4. Bandits are trying to capture the Highest Ranking Player for Ransom. Other nobles if there are more than one in the party, are just an added bonus.
5. Toll bridge. Bandits are guarding a bridge and asking for a toll to pass.
6. Assassination! All nobles have enemies, and one of the nobles is targeted by one of those enemies and they hired bandits to go handle the problem.

Raided DCS

The first thing you have to do when playing a Raided DCS is determining WHERE on Tirth you are. This is important because Raids along the Northern Coast of Aequor will likely not have Empire of Partharia raiding them, while the Coast of Galenthia will not have Goblins raiding them. Keep in mind raids are fast and dirty, and often brutal combats.

All Raids are Lethal. You don't have to fight to the death, you CAN retreat, but then the Raiders win. In that case please put in a +job to let Staff know, and we will determine how badly you got hit based on the size of the raid.

Please also put a Renown of 1 with the date of the most recent battle on your Sheet and if you reach 10, please put in a +job to let staff know.

There are many possibilities for a raid and many dangerous foes in the world! Here are the options for a raid DCS.

To determine who is facing you, type +dice 1d8+0 and follow the prompts.

1. White Hall Vigamandr Raiders. Skill 2 (5 Stress) and Led by a Skill 3 (9 Stress in armor!) Jarl. (Reroll if you are not on a border with Bitralund, or on one of the Western Coasts)
2. Goblins! Skill 1 (2 stress) and led by a Skill 3 Warlord (6 stress) TRIPLE the numbers rolled. (Reroll if you are not near the Eregonian Mountains.)
3. Pirates. Skill 1 (2 Stress) and led by a Skill 2 (5 Stress in Armor) Officer. They have a ship, so a Naval DCS is an option after you have defended against the raid. (Reroll if it just doesn't make sense for Pirates to be Raiding your location)
4. Caltu Raiders. Skill 1 (2 Stress) and lef by a Skill 2 (4 Stress) Warchief. Double numbers rolled. (Reroll if you are not along the Eregonian Mountains)
5. Matinga! Skill 3 Warriors. (6 Stress) and are led by a skill 4 (10 Stress in armor!) Matinga get to fight for one whole round after being reduced to 0 Stress! (Reroll if you are not on the Coast. Note, that the Matinga do not Raid along the Great Salt)
6. Quatunax Fire Raiders. There will always be a group of five slaves for each player to defeat at skill 1. (Diff 11 rolls). The Warriors are skill 2 (4 Stress) and are led by a Raid Leader with Skill 3 (7 stress in armor). (Reroll if you are not in Eosphoria, The Vir Sidus Colonies, or Northern Galenthia.)
7. Great Salt Raid. Empire of Partharia soldiers. Skill 1 (3 stress) led by a skill 3 (7 Stress) Captain. This is usually performed with ships, so a Naval DCS is an option after you have defended against the raid. (Please reroll if you are NOT along the Great Salt)
8. Soldiers from an enemy state. These can be from Alezzo, Ironhold, any of the opposing forces in the Aequor Civil War etc. These are Skill 1 (3 Stress) and are led by a skill 2 (5 Stress) Officer. No need to reroll, simply figure out who makes the most sense to be raiding you!

Ambush DCS

So, you’ve decided that you want to ambush someone. Great, I hope you have stealth as a skill. Ha. No really. Stealth is important in an Ambush! It lets you sneak up on them.

The Ambush DCS is another battle scenario designed to be fast, brutal, and simulate combat in the world of Tirth. These scenes are always lethal, but you can retreat at anytime.

As with the other DCS scenes, try to give the enemy some life and don’t make it a simple roll to succeed.


If you have a specific idea in mind already then feel free to skip this step and crack on, but if you need some inspiration, or just feel like leaving it all to the luck of the dice, then roll on the table below +dice 1d10

1. Tavern - a seedy dockside pub, a known gambling den, somewhere where the lights are low and the chances of hiding the real purpose behind the chaos of a mass brawl is high.
2. Trade caravan - do you know their route and are lying in wait? Or do you expect it to be hit and are lying concealed amongst the goods? (If in doubt, roll 1d2)
3. On the road - be it amongst the shade of trees in a wood, or out in the open countryside, everyone has to use the roads sometimes.
4. Narrow bridge - they have to cross a narrow bridge, it’s a natural choke point. Make the toll they pay be their lives… or something.
5. Dark alley - a classic for so many reasons. It’s dark, it’s a confined and controllable space, all the shutters on surrounding buildings are closed because no one cares about just another scream in the night.
6. Rooftops - if you don’t have ranged weapons, re-roll. You have three rounds to kill as many as you can before they get to cover and you have to clear out. Make them count.
7. Forest camp - you know your target will be camping in the woods tonight, try to catch them while they’re unaware but be careful of pickets.
8. Town outskirts/slums - the seedier, poorer parts of town. The streets are narrower, the buildings closer together, and the Watch patrols less frequent.
9. Ruined building - a crumbling old coaching house on the side of the road they’re travelling? An ancient ruin you know they’re investigating? Or perhaps the remains of an abandoned village. Feel free to roll locations from the Ryalta or Town DCS for specific locations, but there is no loot or treasure here to be found, just your foes.
10. Mountain pass - with a sheer cliff on one side, and a long drop on the other, a few boulders to the side of the path make an idea ambush point.

Mass Combat DCS

There are three ways and ONLY three ways to do a Mass Combat DCS. These are as follows:
1. Staff Gives Permission, and the enemy forces are clearly defined.
2. From a Bounty where the enemy forces will be clearly defined.
3. When a normal DCS ends up with groups of enemy troops that number over 50. (Champions, and Leaders do NOT count toward this total, but Individuals do)

There are a few steps to follow in setting up for a Mass Combat DCS. The first is determining the number of troops you have available for a battle. Please remember that unless you put the troops on the appropriate Kingdom page, then those troops did in fact NOT move. You may bring however many professional or Militia troops you wish, but keep in mind that taking too many there could be consequences on the next set of Bounties!

The second is to confirm with Staff how long it takes to get troops from point A (Presumably your lands) to point B. This means that if you want troops available for the bigger DCS battles, you will have to move troops prior. Also, not all of your troops will be able to answer your call to battle. Only 1/10th of the troops you bring to a location for a regular DCS (Such as Raids, Bandits etc) will be able to rush to your aid. Please feel free to be creative into WHY this is, or why if you brought troops they are not there while you deal things. For many, the troops are battling elsewhere on the battlefield, and the players are simply the focus.

Other than that, somebody will have to control the other side. Please use the following chart to determine the abilities etc of the Enemy Commanders.

Type Skill Morale
Sidhe Knight 4 10
Goblin Warchielf 4 8
Bandits 2 4
White Hall 3 9
Matinga Warchief 4 12
Soldiers 3 7

Please keep in mind that Mass Combat requires a LOT of set up. Please look at the Mass combat page located here for rules for Mass Combat.

These are located Here: fate-crusade-mass-combat

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