Domains of the Civilized West

Within the planet of Tirth, the domains of the west are a collection of Kingdoms, city states, principalities, and several distinct groups of tribes, some settled and some savage. The domains of the west, called the "Civilized West" by the priestly scholars of the One Faith of Rikton, are broken up into four areas. These are: The North, the Coast, the South, and the Ocean. While the East is not a part of this geographic grouping, it is usually noted alongside. In these regions are just about every climate that can be imagined, with river, lakes, and mountains dotting the landscape, a long range splitting the west from the east called the Ergonian Range, deserts in the south, and various islands in the far west.


Domains of the North

The northern domains are home to some of the West's largest woodlands, and is primarily dominated by rolling hills, lush forests, and is crisscrossed by flowing wide rivers teaming with aquatic life. Aequor is well served by its abundance of good agricultural lands and plentiful supply of navigable rivers, enabling it to be by far the most densely populated kingdom in the West. Across the northern border, the untamed lands of Icenaila, covered in dense forests create a wild frontier.

Domains of the Coast

While both Aequor and Galenthia have coasts that border the Great Ocean, the Domain that is regarded as the Coast is the home of the growing Free City State of Four Corners, the capital of the One Faith: The Holy City of Rikton, the Kingdom of Rikton and the Principality of Kentaire. Of the Domains this is both the richest and the poorest, as Four Corners offers vast wealth to her higher end merchants, but her citizens are nearly footnotes, and Kentaire's nobility lives in opulence while the peasants live in fear and servitude.

Domains of the South

The domain of the south is occupied by the Kingdoms of Galenthia and Ironhold, the Empire of Partharia and the Principality of Alezzo. It is the largest domain of the West, but its population is considerably more spread out. The area along the coast of the Great Salt River is mainly dry Mediterreanean climate famed for its wine, olives and riches - all cities along this coast are wealthy from the trade which passes through. Galenthia occupies the north shore of the Great Salt. The northwest portion has a feel more like the rest of the west, forests with rolling hills dotted with the occasional mountain. Much of northern and eastern Galenthia are mountainous, particularly the massive Ergonian mountains which make up the border with the Vir Sidus Empire, while the centre of the country is composed of mixed plains and hills with navigable rivers that make it agriculturally valuable for mass grain crops. Partharia occupies a strip on the south shore of the Great Salt, extending into a vast hinterland of desert that is broken up by several small mountain chains, oasis and rivers. What lies further south is unknown. Two smaller states, the forest, lake and hilly Kingdom of Ironhold (previously Galenthian territory) and the dry, fabulously wealthy coastal Principality of Alezzo (previous Partharian) round out these Domains.

Domains of the Ocean

Off the Coast of the West are the Planet of Tirth's three major western bodies of water, the North, Central, and Southern Oceans. These oceans are home to three Kingdoms, two of which have existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years, while the third began as a smuggler's stronghold, became a haven for the Pirates of the West before being recognised by both major Kingdoms. The Island continent of White Hall controls the far northern waters and hunts the central and southern, as well as the Coasts of all the Domains. Their raiders are feared the world over. South in the Central Ocean is the smallest Kingdom in the Known World, the Kingdom of Navali. Though small, her navy is one of the strongest, and her merchant vessels ply the coastal waters. The newest realm, currently recognised by Galenthia and Aequor as sovereign is the Pirate Kingdom of Ryalta. Based in the Ryalta's, a thought to be un-populated and largely unexplored tropical chain of islands, the Kingdom of Ryalta is a series of island fortifications that pays homage to the Dreaded Pirate Queen. The Capital Port of Ryalta is actually a sprawling affair. Finally, a series of probing moves from the far west have established colonies of the Mitangan Kingdom, a shadow maritime people known for their ferocious valour in battle.

Domains of the East

Though not a domain of the Civilised West, the East was once populated nearly entirely by the Vir Sidus Empire, a political entity that at one point literally controlled the known world. Though they have never publicly released the reasons for abandoning the West a millennium ago, scholars have concluded that the warlike tribes of both north and south regions, combined with the White Hall raiders, Garaili hordes and trouble back in their eastern domains became too much of a strain to the Empire. However, from 1865 onward, the Empire was beset by internal problems and then a massive external invasion from their south east by the Qatunax Malkete, a confederation of warlike peoples loosely coordinated by a High Malki (or king).

The Vir Sidus Empire is now fractured, some still clinging to a Remnant in the north west while others are sworn to the Qatunax or have established small independent Principalities or Despotates. Much of the former Empire is under direct Qatunax rule.

The Ergonian Mountains, once populated by Caltu tribes, were pushed out in the early 1870s by another people - these re-emerging after thousands of years of slumber. The Van-Sidhe Tor, known as the Goblin Kingdom for their most commonly seen inhabitants, has occupied much of the Ergonian Range and made it an even more daunting frontier than it once was. Little is known about their motives or goals, or even where their fortresses are located.

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