Baron Dertan Coning
Cemal Hünal
Cemal Hünal as Baron (Sir) Dertan Coning
Full Name: Baron (Sir) Dertan Coning
Byname: None
Age: 31 (9,04,1843)
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Coning
Title/Profession: Baron Coning
Position: Baron, Brigadier of the Galenthian Army, Royal Order of the Griffon
Place of Birth: Dalcen
Sheet Information: Dertan-Sheet.
Father: Captain Vicente Sokar nee Coning
Mother: Lady Renata Sokar (Sister to Duchess Isabel)
Siblings: Lady Laura Sokar (older sister), Lord Gregorie Sokar (Youngest brother. Died 01.1874 in the memoir murder on the salt.) Potential for one or two more. Contact me.
Spouse: Unmarried. Formerly Viscountess Sonya Kaedon (m.Spring 1870. divorced 04/75)
Children: The twins Isabella Kaedon and Cassandra Kaedon (born summer 1871)


Dertan is the brigadeer of the Riverwatch region responsible for the royal forces (and attached regiments) in the Sokar duchy, a talented strategist and a man who likes to think in the long term. He is the husband of the high priestess of the recently coined church of the many - an ice sorceress whos abilities are one of those open secrets - and a proponent of the church of the many himself. He is a talented archer that was granted a knighthood during the civil war for his services (or through nepotism) and a student of engineering and other scholarly arts. These days he is a member of the Order of the Griffon, as all the Brigadeers and royal officers must be.

He strongly believes that society must have strong guidelines, reinforced with strong consistent punishments, if it is to thrive and that everyone has a certain position in their life, including and especially, the nobles and it is their responsibility and duty to excell in that position. He is not as rigid in this as he was before he became a worshipper of the many but still gets impatient with anyone, peasant or noble, that does not meet those expectations. It makes him difficult to please but at least he holds himself to the same standards that he expects from everyone else. He always thinks his plans and decisions through before enacting them, and is at his weakest when forced to act on the cuff. He sometimes envies people that are able to act off instinct, especially when they excell in their fields, but more often considers them to be impulsive fools.

Nothing is out of bounds when your end goal is important enough. Nothing.

Luckily these aspect of his personality are kept in check by a belief that your reputation is a highly valuable commodity that should never be squandered and the fact that he has no personal interest in cruelty for the sake of it.

On the Grid


"A man that expects to be treated unkindly will fight with every ounce of his being. He will fight like a demon because his only chance of survival has become absolute victory. Give him an exit however, or the promise of fair treatment after surrender, and he will always keep a little back during that fight. Just in case. Cherish your reputation as a fair commander. It will help you win."

Married to the Many, but of the One, your path can be as straight as the arrows you fire, or it can branch. Which will you choose?

‘Strategy is concerned with the setting of an aim and the forming of schemes. Tactics are concerned with the execution of the schemes. Strategy is abstract, tactics are concrete. Expressing it in a popular way: Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.’

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