House De Ufford
House Overview
Head of House: Lord (Sir) Godfrey de Ufford
Spouse: Lady Tansy de Ufford
Vassals: None
Heir: Lord Thomas de Ufford
Liege: Viscount Thomas Chandus of Repton-March.
Succession: Eldest inherits
Military Strength: An oversized complement for a Greater Lordship with a focus on pike, musketry and rangers.
Goods: Agriculture, cartography & training in the use of black powder and some revenue from sales of Aspendon building stone.
Wealth: Moderate since taking full control of Aspendon. Much of Aspendon's income goes on maintaining Malkess Castle. Most of the surrounding agriculture goes on feeding those who fall under his command, while any surplus is sold. Former Lord Wulfred's expertise in map-making was passed down and allows for further small contributions to the household, while the greatest source of income is training soldiers in the art of black powder.
Motto: Steadfast


House de Ufford is a new noble house, formed on the 4th of Juillet in the Year of the One 1866. Then Sir Wulfred de Ufford was raised to nobility by His Grace, Duke Gauvain Tarris for loyal and lengthy service to House Tarris and the Crown. Granted first a small holding, the former home of the Malkess family who were found to have betrayed the Crown in the recent Thorn rebellion, and then the entirety of the former Malkess fief of Aspendon. Following the death of Lord Wulfred on 12 Aout 1874, the fief was inherited by his son, Sir Godfrey.

The Lords of Aspendon are vassals to Viscount Chandus.



House Relations

Chandus Thomas : House de Ufford has loyally served House Tarris for as long as we can remember and being raised to such a position only instills what an honour it truly is. Especially when made vassals to House Chandus, another family we have fought beside in many a war. We will serve them steadfastly and without complaint. By their will and by their command we shall ride and serve.
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