Duke Davor Arkanin nee Sokar
Bradley James
Bradley James as His Grace Davor Arkanin nee Sokar
Full Name: His Grace Davor Arkanin nee Sokar
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 29
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Arkanin
Title/Profession: Duke
Position: Duke of Wayson (Arkanin) / Lawkeeper
Place of Birth: Galenthia
Sheet Information: Davor-Sheet.
Father: Gregor Sokar nee Romante
Mother: Isabel Sokar
Siblings: Thaddeus, Jarret, Rowena.
Spouse: Duchess Evae Arkanin
Children: None


Being born into a noble family means being born into certain expectations. This applies no less to the third born than the first; they're just different. From a very young age, Davor hated expectations. It wasn't that he deliberately rebelled against what was expected of him; it was a response as automatic and unconscious as breathing. He didn't want to be a knight. He didn't want to join an order. He most definitely would not, no way, not a chance, join the priesthood. But being a (mostly) dutiful son, and one who honestly loved his parents and wanted to please them, he went through the motions. Up to a point.

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