Bishop Dario Tevino

Life leads to death, but can you lead the dead back to life? Or will it simply break?

-A Prophecy

Luke Evans
Luke Evans as Dario Tevino
Full Name: Dario Tevino
Byname: None
Age: 35
Kingdom: Four Corners & Aequor
House: D'Armaz
Title/Profession: Bishop
Position: Bishop & Minister of Alchemical Learning
Place of Birth: Four Corners
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Father: Adriono D'Armaz
Mother: Delilah Tevino
Siblings: Many half siblings
Spouse: None
Children: Adrian Tevino (15 years old, Adopted)


A recognized bastard of Adriono D'Armaz and a Four Corners tavern owner, Dario Tevino is a multi-talented man. He serves as the Four Corners Minster of Alchemical Learning and is also a Bishop, healer, alchemist, diplomat, and a maker of strong liquors.

About the Character

Oh, I'm not pefect I know I've sinned like all the rest

There will come a day I will fail the test

This I know, and I know I should bow out

But I'm too stubborn despite my doubt

I stand at the front of the sinners waiting to confess my sin

I just don't know how to begin

Fake a smile and fake your faith

When will it be come too much to take

One day I will fall from grace, straight into the dirt

I know its coming, that it will hurt

I should run far away to save my tattered pride

But from the One's eyes you can never hide

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