Hellsmouth Provincia and the Gens d'Korbina
Do Not Goad
House Overview
Head of House: Senator Ludovic d'Korbina (30)
Spouse: None
Vassals: N/A
Heir: Lisbeth d'Korbina (b. 1851)
Liege: Princeps Darius Firebrand
Succession: New heir declared every ten years from those of Georges line
Military Strength: Heavy Cavalry Focus
Goods: Trade Tariffs, Cattle, Cavalry remounts, Jerky, Hides, Sinew, Bone, Horn.
Wealth: Sufficient. Military spending is very high.
Motto: Do Not Goad


This page details the Imperial provincia of Hellsmouth and the Gens d'Korbina that is so closely tied to the provincia that they may as well be the same thing.
Many, many, years ago in the days before the Empire withdrew from the west, a single holy knight of the name Georges Korbina initiated the campaign that would cut away the "demons" infesting the hellsmouth region, opening it up to colonisation by less hardy folks, and gaining title and holdings in return.
For much of their history the house was small, with a single goal, the defense of the southern border that aequor holds with galenthia, but the house grew and developed as the years passed and their martial roots, bolstered by the riches that flowed along the imperial trade roads, soon became enriched by sizeable trade interests. Those roads have long since been closed but the trading links remain.
They came to prominence during the Thirty years war, gaining the title of Viscount, and the vassals that title suggests, on the backs of their extensive cattle herds, and decades of steadfast military support.
Two years ago, in the latter parts of 1872, a scourge flooded into the region across the mountains to the east. The qatunax, through trickery and brute force, destroyed all but one of their vassal houses and it was only through an alliance with the Arkanin to the south that the flood was halted. For two years the d'Korbina held the line, but their efforts to regain those lands, unsupported as they were by the majority of Aequorian houses, were not to bear fruit.
When the law calling for all sorcerers to be executed, no matter their actual crimes, was ordered in early 1875 it was one problem to many. The then Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina, already convinced that the inquisition were one step from ordering a purge on his lands thanks to his own Stone Sorcery, refused to obey. He was stripped of title, spurs and land by the King of Aequor in return for this defiance and not long afterwards the Viscount asked to swear allegiance to the Princeps Darius Firebrand. The plea was accepted and now Hellsmouth undergoes change as they try to integrate back into the same Empire that first founded it.



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