House d'Korbina
Do Not Goad
House Overview
Head of House: Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina (30)
Spouse: None
Vassals: d'Bartone (Lordship). A barony and two lordships currently occupied by the Malki of Kultepex.
Heir: Lady Lisbeth d'Korbina (b. 1851)
Liege: al'Mordran
Succession: Named Blood Related Adult Kin
Military Strength: Cavalry
Goods: Trade, Cattle
Wealth: Below Average
Motto: Do Not Goad


House d'Korbina has been in Hellsmouth for a long long time. They cut away the 'demons' infesting the land and were rewarded with title and holdings as a result. For much of their history that is how they remained: A small and fairly martial house responsible for defending the southern border with Galenthia. Over time the House grew, gaining their trade holdings as the city of Hellsmouth gained prominance as an important trade port upon the easternmost branch of the fiore confluence.
They came to prominence during the Thirty years war, in which their holdings and lands were expanded and the title of Viscount was achieved. During the war, besides providing some of their best knights in service to House al'Mordran, they also fed the armies of the north with their beef.
Most recently their success has been challenged by the invasion of the Qatunax from the east, sweeping away most of their vassals through trickery and brute force, and forcing them into defensive agreements with the Arkanin, once their natural adversaries, to the south. This summer the house plans to gather the forces of the north, and south, and force the Qatunax off their land.



House Relations

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