The Province of Stevan's Pass and the Gens d'Bartone
We Never Miss
House Overview
Head of House: Senator Clinton d'Bartone (b.1841)
Spouse: Barbara d'Bartone nee d'Rynelle (b.1839)
Vassals: none
Heir: Francis d'Bartone (b.1861)
Liege: Darius Firebrand (imperial-colonies-of-the-west)
Succession: Oldest child inherits
Military Strength: Very well known for their longbowmen
Goods: Premiere builders of bows and crossbows, repeating crossbows, moderate river trade
Wealth: Sufficient. (Military Spending if Very High)
Motto: We Never Miss


Born of humble beginnings 150 years past. The d'Bartones have become some of Rhone's foremost archers with the Blackshaft Company fighting alongside their lieges as well as selling their services to honourable causes to gain funds and experience.
In early 1875, as a reward for their support during the qatunax invasion and d'Korbina's rebellion against the crowns anti-sorcery laws, House d'Bartone was upgraded to a barony by the order of Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina.
Soon afterwards Ludovic chose to swear allegiance to Darius Firebrand and House d'Bartone became the Gens d'Bartone and one of only three Senators in the provicia.


House Relations

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