Corvin Fremont
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl as Corvin Fremont
Full Name: Corvin Fremont
Byname: None
Age: DOB 1833
Kingdom: Aequor
House: al'Morena
Title/Profession: Master
Position: Commander of the Blood Seekers
Place of Birth: Alasce
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Father: James al'Morena, Duke of Alasce
Mother: Jacqueline Fremont, Courtesan
Siblings: Lady Alina al'Morena (Half-Sister), Lord Marcus al'Morena (Half-Brother)
Spouse: None
Children: None


Corvin Fremont is the (recognized) bastard son of the Duke of Alasce, who fostered with the d'Geroux family and now commands the infamous "Blood Seekers" of House al'Morena.

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James Duke James al'Morena : My father, whom I serve in all things. He has given me a position of honor in his House and provided me with the means to fulfill the duties that the position requires. What more could any bastard ask for? He commands my every loyalty and my absolute respect, and there is nothing in Creation that I would not do should he command it.
Mina Duchess Mina al'Morena : She is not my mother, and to her credit she neither makes any effort to be so, nor does she evidence ill will towards me, at least outwardly. Our relations are tolerable if not cordial, though we are, understandably, not close.
Alina Lady Alina al'Morena : My dear half-sister is ruthless and driven, and the best part is that but a very few know it. I don't mind doing the dirty work of any of my family, but Alina's requests never cease to be the most entertaining of my hunts. She trusts me, I think, and more so I think there are few that such a thing can be said of. She will be another Leonore, and I will be here to insure that none oppose her rule. I do confess that I wish she had better taste in men, however…
Marcus Lord Marcus al'Morena : My younger half-brother. He has the skills of a killer, but I sometimes think that his long sojourns belie a certain discontent with the manner in which his skills are employed. Still, while I may be his commander among the Blood Seekers, it is not my place to suggest that he might best be utilized in other fashions, and he does get the job done when he needs to. Beyond his duties as a Seeker, our relations are about as cordial as can be expected.
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