Claudio FitzRoy
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Claudio FitzRoy
Full Name: Claudio FitzRoy
Byname: The Fox
Age: 29
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: Brexos (Excommunicated)
Title/Profession: Recognized Bastard
Position: Entrepreneur
Place of Birth: Galenthia
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Father: Lord Zuko Brexos (deceased)
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Several, including the current Lord Brexos
Spouse: Kari Windover (deceased)
Children: None


Claudio is widely known as a soft, charming, well-to-do exile. Thrower of excellent parties, hedonistic indulger in excesses, and holder of no strong opinions on any particular subject. Surprisingly successful trader of object d'art, spices, silk, and other small commodities. He also insists that he is one of the avenues by which a prominent thief-for-hire known as The Fox can contacted, though some find this doubtful.


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Klia The Dowager Lady Klia Brexos : Lady Klia's hatred for her stepson hasn't wavered or diminished in nearly thirty years. She had Claudio's wife murdered, she's sent assassins after Claudio himself on multiple occasions, and she's spent a small fortune attempting to thwart his legitimate trading ventures. The Dowager Lady may be aging, but she's still a lioness.
Theron Lord Theron Brexos : The only one of his siblings that Claudio ever truly became friends with. He takes after their father in that he's calm, steadfast, and perpetually stuck in the middle of the feud between his mother and his half-brother.
Matteo Matteo san Tyros : Matteo has served the Brexos family for longer than Claudio has been alive. After the somewhat suspicious circumstances of his father's death, the new Lord Brexos ordered Matteo to return to Four Corners with Claudio to serve as majordomo, personal valet, and discreet bodyguard. Though he's nearing fifty, he remains fit of form, dry of wit, and completely unflappable.
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