Civil War Plot

Civil War Plotline

The plot page for the management of the Aequor Civil War plotline.

The Aequor Civil war covers the story of the Kingdom of Eosphora and Gendiel as they seek independence from the Aequorian crown.

Relevant logs and memoirs should be tagged with Aequorcivilwar.

Managed by Elian/Ludovic player. Please contact them if you wish to initiate anything.



At this point the Kingdom of Eoshphora, ruled by Queen Jasmina is under attack by the Kingdom of Aequor. The sons of Cesare al'Callenta, Gabriel and Michael lead Aequors forces. The Vir Sidus faction led by Darius has just sent troops to occupy the Barony of d'Rhandhoul at Jasmina's invitation. Meanwhile to the north an aequorian crusade intends to strike at Gendiel's heart.


  • 1875-04: Jasmina declares independence (1875-04-11:a-proclamation-from-a-queen)
  • 1875-04: Aequor declares war on Eosphora (1875-04-22:the-begining-of-the-aequoran-civil-war)
  • 1875-04: Augustin is named Duke al'Mordran by the Aequorian king and tasked with blockading Eosphora's waterways
  • 1875-04 : Al'Callenta begins to attack the d'Elfleda region
  • 1875-05-07 : Jasmina and Darius negotiate a support agreement that sees Darius send imperial forces to occupy the barony of d'Rhandoul.
  • 1875-05-24: Gendiel Secedes with Ramius declaring himself the Zymarch.
  • 1875-05-25: A significant battle takes place between the Argent and Arrani legions as the Arrani attempt to return to Gendiel. The arrani take sir Elrick d'Tremaine, Sir Sebastian al'Callenta and Sir Talbot d'Vir captive.
  • 1875-05-25: House d'Laucran and d'Etoile are raised to barony status by King Maris.
  • 1875-06: The Cardinal calls a crusade against Gendiel.
  • 1875-06-26: Gendiel and Eosphra make an alliance.
  • 1875-06-28: Gendiel's barony of Elden is taken and ransacked by the crusaders.
  • 1875-07-24: al'Callenta forces led by Michael al'Callenta attack the (partially disguised) imperial forces in d'Rhandoul. After a hard battle the al'Callenta forces surrender but are released by Ludovic d'Korbina.
  • 1875-07-24: Imperial forces successfully take the Capital and Barony seat of Ranhold from d'Rhandoul. Ludovic is badly wounded and returns to Hellsmouth(Siege plot) with Luixa
  • 1875-08/09: Eosphoran forces repeatedly try to break the river blockades established by the Duke al'Mordran, Augustin.
  • 1875-08-29: Princess Atreis publically challenges King Maris before the court. King Maris orders her arrest and execution and she crosses swords with Duke Ceasare before escaping.
  • 1875-08-29: Princess Atreis declares her wish to retake Aequor from King Maris and reunite the three kingdoms again.
  • 1875-10-10: The 6th and 9th Argent cohorts move from the bitralund to the eosphoran fronts
  • :The 6th and 9th Argent cohorts break apart with many of them joining the Stonewall faction under Tribune Elian's leadership. This Stonewall faction group is later renamed the Blackthorns.
  • :Queen Jasmina is captured and forced to swear allegiance to Princess Atreis. She is named archduchess under Atreis' leadership and Eosphora is no more. The duchy of Rhone, still under Jasmina's leadership, joins the Stonewall faction.
  • :Atreis takes up residence in Rhone.
  • 1876-06-02: The Empire send two cohorts of the Legion XIIIth, two cohorts of the Legio Paras, and one auxillia cohort to support the stonewalls attack on Elder's Eye.
  • 1876-06-02: Prince Sylvain al'Ramar indicates his support for the Stonewall faction.
  • 1876 - Summer: The year without a summer results in the crusade foundering as many of the crusading soldiers and knights are recalled to deal with more local issues.
  • 1876 - Summer: A lack of supplies and poor support from the largely anti-sorcery peasants of Aequor forces forces many of Atreis' forces back to the faction base at Rhone. Those remaining are forced to rely increasingly on foraging activities to survive, further eroding support amongst the common folk.


The following Characters are involved to some level in this plotline:

Important NPCS

  • Jasmina (NPC. Rhone leader)
  • Michael al'Callenta (NPC. Al'Callenta war leader. Royalist)
  • Gabriel al'Callenta (NPC. Al'Callenta war leader. Royalist)
  • Ceasare al'Callenta (NPC. Murnod leader. Royalist)
  • Sir Joshua Martine (NPC. Rose and Shield leader. Royalist)
  • Princess Atreis de Greyl al'Ramar (NPC. Rebel Queen. Stonewall)
  • King Maris and Queen Cynthia (NPC. Aequorian King and Queen. Royalist)
  • Lady Sir Marissa d'Allisone (NPC. Leader of the Benide siege. Stonewall.)

Current Situation

So far during May 2020…
It looks like things are happening in these battle zones:

Lands of d'Elfleda (Stonewall) - At Risk
d'Elfleda defending. Under attack from Argent and al'Callenta forces in the d'Cadri region. Impacted by al'Callenta warlord.
West Gendiel (Gendiel) -Stable
Under attack from argent/al'callenta forces in the d'Lario and North Munito (d'laucran) area and Rose and Shield forces from Benide. Defended by west gendiel, east gendiel and arrani forces.
Rhone (Stonewall) -Stable
Defended by both Stonewall and Duchy Forces. Under heavy attack from d'Lario region. Naval blockade by aequorian navy. Impacted by al'Callenta warlord.
d'Lario (Royalist) -Stable
Heavy al'Callenta/Argent presence. Defended by same. Impacted by the Naval blockade set by the aequorian navy.
d'Cadri (Royalist)-Stable
Heavy al'Callenta/Argent Presence. Defended by same.
North Munito (Royalist)-Unstable. GM'd scenes may change this.
After an attempt by Elian to force surrender on the Royalist d'Etoile forces a nonagression pact was agreed between d'Etoile and Blackthorn Forces. The Cardinal's forces discovered this almost immediately and sent two cohorts of the cardinal's guard into the area to secure the regions loyalty to the crown. The cardinal's forces moved to secure d'Etoile's castle with an immediate siege but were interrupted by the Blackthorn forces leading to a three way stalemate. The Blackthorns disengage at the beginning of june to take up position as the vanguard of the Elder's Eye attack force. It seems likely that fighting between the cardinals forces and d'Etoile will resume.
d'Laucran continues to serve as a launching point for attacks by al'Callenta forces into the territory of both Rhone and Gendiel.
Benide Region (Royalist)-Stable. GM'd scenes may change this.
Defended by the Rose and Shield and Royal forces.
The main stonewall army is poised to assault elder's eye and benide with imperial (Darius) and gendiel (Ramius) support. Lady Sir Marissa d'Allisone (NPC) is to siege benide to contain the forces within the great fortress. Elian is to command the vanguard.
Please note the benide region is part of the endings plotline and managed by Snoopy.

Other battle zones have no significant activity at this point.

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