House Chandus of Repton March
The Unyielding Sun
House Overview
Head of House: Viscount (Sir) Thomas Chandus
Spouse: Princess Livia Aerelious of Navali
Vassals: De Ufford, Chandus of Leodis, Strathclyde (Lesser Lord), Clendenning (Lesser Lord)
Heir: Edward Chandus (County), Lucius Aerelious (Navali)
Liege: Tarris
Succession: Eldest inherits
Military Strength: House Chandus fields a combined arms regiment, a Caltu Highland infantry regiment (through its highland vassals) and a strong, well organised militia corps called the Yeomanry. The House's focus is on fast moving but well armoured shock infantry, but the banner fields troops across most disciplines.
Goods: Agriculture, Mining and Trade (especially Circester wine and woven wool fabrics).
Wealth: Moderate. Significant amounts of money enter the Chandus treasury due do their abundant mining interests, agricultural wealth and trade originating in Repton March. However, military expenditures soak up a significant portion of their income.
Motto: The Unyielding Sun


House Chandus are the lieges of the County of Repton March, a fief composed of the mountains and valleys of the Ergonian region bordering the Vir Sidus Empire in the east. They are known for the antiquity of their bloodline, the beauty and difficult terrain of their fief, their soldiery and devotion to the Duchy of Tarris.

They are one of the smallest Counties in the West, and only have two Greater Lordships as vassals - De Ufford of Aspendon in the north, and Chandus of Leodis, a cadet line of the main house in the south. They also have two Lesser Lordships of Highlanders, formerly Caltu tribesmen - Clendenning in the centre-east, and Strathclyde in the south-east.



The City of Strand

Banner Forces – Professional and Militia


The Sun Shield Guards receive a charge from the Thorn mercenary "Red Demons" cavalry, Battle of the Ruins, 1866 IE

House Relations

reine Reine : House Reine shares our blood, our culture, and unity of purpose with us. Some of their methods may be distasteful, sometimes even sinful, but they always acted as strong, just masters to us. Now that we are a county of our own, we will continue to be loyal, devoted friends of them. May the One let our presence be a moderating force in their actions and, we hope, may we convince them to soften some of their methods so that none of their vassals ever have reason for reproach.
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