Catalina d'Esposito
Romola Garai
Romola Garai as Catalina Iliana d'Esposito
Full Name: Catalina Iliana d'Esposito
Age: 26
Kingdom: Four Corners
Title/Profession: Healer
Position: Apprentice Healer
Place of Birth: Four Corners
Sheet Information:
Father: Alberto d’Esposito
Mother: Giulia d'Esposito (nee Altera)
Siblings: Berto, Vittoria, Diego, Tomas
Spouse: None
Children: None


Catalina is pursuing healing studies at the academy in Four Corners, the advantage of her family’s esteemed wealth allowing her to pursue her passion. Devoted to learning and gaining the ability to become a renowned healer, most of her time is spent in study and practice but she does take enough away to get up to some other activities now and again.

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