House Cassomir
Courage in War, Honor in Peace
House Overview
Head of House: Viscount (Sir) Henric Cassomir
Spouse: Viscountess Elaine Cassomir
Vassals: Lordship of Metalmire (Lord Beric Cassomir)
Heir: Aren Cassomir
Liege: Damarian
Succession: Trueborn eldest child, before noble bastards.
Military Strength: A small but extremely well-trained and seasoned assemblage of various troops, most who have since moved on to service for their liege house, Damarian. (Barony strength)
Goods: Iron/Steel, Timber, and Furs
Wealth: Moderate.
Motto: Courage in War, Honor in Peace


Please note: This page contains dated information. For the most up to date information about the area, please see the Ironhold page.

House Cassomir lies at the origin of the Royal House Damarian of the Kingdom of Ironhold, and is sworn to it, though much diminished in both territory and prestige. Formerly, it served the Royal House Romante of Galenthia, overseeing the old County of Ironhold before a secession crisis in mid 1868 IE.

The Mai Crisis was precipitated by the beginning of the War of the West. Maric Cassomir, uncle of Viscount Cassomir and steward of the Barony of Rivergate, seized power in the Cassomir lands. He was incensed by the Galenthia's new alliance with Aequor, the weak leadership of Queen Melisande, the lack of direction from the Viscount and was unwilling to let his homeland bear the cost of yet another war.

A dizzying array of events followed. Firstly, Viscount Henric's troops, other than his Iron Guard, largely stepped aside and facilitated the coup. Maric then promised his nephew that he would be able to keep his title and his seat at Roseguard Castle and the city of Iron March . Once the Viscount agreed and stepped aside, Maric declared the County's independence from Galenthia and armed neutrality in this new war. Finally, he divorced his new royal house from the Cassomir line, though Viscount Henric and the new King Maric's brother, Beric, have elected to maintain that name, essentially severing the link between the two lines.

The Cassomirs now stand sworn to the kin who betrayed them, but with a new future ahead. They are renowned for producing excellent warriors and their strong sense of honor, and though significantly weaker than they once were, attempt to cleave to their old values.



Roseguard Castle, the Seat of House Cassomir



House Relations

romante House Romante : Our Lieges and our closest allies. As they command, we follow. The Rose Queen shows us much favor, and we must continue to prove ourselves worthy of it. In 1865, Jaren Cassomir was betrothed to Melisande Romante, in line to be the King Consort. Unfortunately, due to events at the Peace Ball, his life ended. And while the House Cassomir owes everything it currently has to the aid and friendship of House Romante, the second Viscount to sit the seat of Ironhold has a prior past with the Rose Queen. The Rose Queen had him dismissed from the Royal Lancer's in 1865, which has earned him the whispered byname of the 'Black Lancer' … who has become the very same person to take the reins of the County. The future of these two Houses is unclear, but for now, it is business as usual - albeit more distantly accomplished.
alicante House Romante of Alicante : Viscount Letholdus had a good understanding with both brother Viscounts of House Cassomir, though a friendship closer to the now famed 'Black Lancer.' As it is, it is rumoured that Letholdus Romante has a role to play in the discharge of the younger brother from the Royal Lancer. The relation between the two houses doesn't go beyond the informalities of unstable friendship and the formal support of troops should one or the other need it. Official trade has not been established.
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