The Royal Knights of the Burnished Spur

The Royal Knights of the Burnished Spur are a joint Crown Knightly Order and Regiment dedicated to defence of the Kingdom of Galenthia, originally founded as an order of House Tarris before passing over the the Galenthian Realm after the end of the Second Succession War. They are based at the fortress and village of Spur's Rest within the Duchy of Tarris, who aid in provisioning and supporting the Spurs in a joint venture with the Crown.

The knightly order has a great interest in the art of cartography and the knowledge of the lay of the land, instilling such knowledge in their squires from the very moment they join, believing that such knowledge gives them a crucial edge in their martial dealings. Though quite capable in melee combat and known for their preference of bladed weapons, they are also known for their love of ranged weapons and most lately their love of the hand cannon. Training in such weapons begins in earnest for the squires who wield bows and indeed for the knights who are afforded the honour of wielding a hand cannon.

Their regiment is composed of a mix of pike and shot and acquitted itself extremely well during the Second Succession War, participating in many battles against the rebel Thorn forces and winning numerous battle honours.

The order was founded in the year 1800 by Sir Aelfric Gisbon, a knight who knew that to know the lay of the land was to ensure a great tactical advantage and so their motto 'To know the land is to know victory' came to be. An able cartographer and soldier, Sir Aelfric Gisbon recruited squires and knights and at their height, the order held ten knights and ten squires. Though with many a skirmish and many a battle, the numbers dwindled over the years. Sir Aelfric passed away and thus yielded the Order to Sir Wulfred de Ufford in the year 1855, his former squire.

The heraldry of the Knights of the Burnished Spur is a golden cockerel against a plain white background. Quite why was lost with the death of Sir Aelfric Gisbon, though there are a few tales and rumours.

With the raising to the nobility of now Lord Wulfred de Ufford, command of the now Spurs passed to Sir Jauffre D'Ascoyne, a long serving knight and formerly second in command to (then) Sir Wulfred. However, Lord Wulfred felt the longing for his old regiment and resumed command after the start of the War of the West. In 1868, Queen Melisande of Galenthia granted the order and regiment the title "Royal", securing their place in the service of their realm.


"We'll stand our ground and give the enemy two good volleys! Then we'll see them off with good old fashioned steel!" - Sir Wulfred de Ufford

The Burnished Spurs, holding the tattered banners of their defeated enemies, Battle of Strand, 1866 IE

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