Father Bryad Arkanin
Jim Sturgess
Jim Sturgess as Bryad Arkanin
Full Name: Bryad Arkanin
Byname: Concordant
Age: 19
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Arkanin
Title/Profession: Priest
Position: Priest Laity/Scholar
Place of Birth: Myrias
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Father: Duke Xavier Arkanin
Mother: Archduchess Anca Arkanin (d)
Siblings: Symon (d), Evae and Jaelynn
Spouse: None
Children: None


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Anca Mum : I love my mum. She may be occasionally frustratingly old-fashioned, but she's my mum, and that's a bond that won't be broken. She might think I do not miss her, but I do. She wishes me to come home. I have no idea what manner of a thing that might be, but I'll go.
Xavier Da : I hardly know what he must think of me, but I can only assume he feels a great disappointment. I suppose it's part of why I need my mum's affection so much— I'm not sure I'll ever see any from da, at all. And given his penchant for… convoluted punishments, is there any wonder I worry over returning to Myrias?
Evae Sis : I dropped a large burden on your shoulders, Evae. I only hope you don't hold it against me. Stand tall as you can, step forward and bring Myrias into the future, where women can inherit just as gracefully as any man. You will be our precedent, and I have faith that you will set a wonderful one.
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