House Bordeaux
Righteous in Duty
House Overview
Head of House: Signora (Sir) Lillian Bordeaux
Spouse: Viscount (Sir) Cervantes Arkanin of Murias
Vassals: None
Heir: Jansen Bordeaux
Liege: al'Demesne
Succession: Eldest male in main line preferred.
Military Strength: Known for their skill in fielding bowmen, as well as cavalry.
Goods: Herbs, raw and prepared medicament, rare dyes, horses
Wealth: Wealthy. However, much of the House's wealth is reinvested into their business concerns.
Motto: Righteous in Duty


A House which maintains and fields some of the best healers and apothecaries in the West. They maintain Houses of Healing in most of the main cities which fall under the control of the Holy City, with their largest and busiest actually being within the Holy City, not far from the Great Cathedral. Their greatest innovation is the maintenance of mobile Houses of Healing, which usually consist of a team of healers, accompanied by a small handful of knights or men at arms of the House, who field and maintain a portable, temporary field hospital, with all of the tools and supplies that requires, which can be as mobile as any battlefield camp.



House Relations

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