Baroness (Sir) Bethany Tarris
Rose Leslie
Rose Leslie as Bethany Tarris
Full Name: Bethany Tarris
Byname: The Charging Knight
Age: 26
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Tarris
Title/Profession: Baroness/Sir
Position: Heir to House Tarris, Commander of Fortress Duval
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Sheet Information:
Father: Duke Gauvain Tarris
Mother: Alessa Ashedown (deceased)
Siblings: Corwin Ashedown
Spouse: Sir Brennart Tarris (nee Sokar)
Children: {$children}


The eldest child to Duke Gauvain Tarris and recognized bastard, knight in charge of Fortress Duval.

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Gauvain Duke Gauvain Tarris : I know people look at him and can only think of him as The Betrayer, but there is so much more to him than his past. Despite what he did, he is an honorable man and is a great leader. Compassionate and fair, I am truly blessed to have him as my father. Now if I could just get him to quit the drinking.
Claire Duchess Claire Romante : My aunt and I are close. In some ways even closer than I am to Father. She is very easy to relate to and is in many ways like a mother to me after I had lost mine. As different as she is from my father there are times when their similarities are rather obvious.
Corwin Lord Corwin Ashedown : As much as I love my brother I also worry about him. While most young men his age are ambitious he seems to be doubly so and I am concerned that it will be those ambitions that will lead him down a dark path.
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