Baron (Sir) Benjamin d'Tremaine
Nick Brimble
Nick Brimble as Benjamin d'Tremaine
Full Name: Benjamin d'Tremaine
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Age: 53 (08/05/1812)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Tremaine
Title/Profession: Baron/Sir
Position: Head of House
Place of Birth: Stag Keep
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Father: TBD
Mother: TBD
Siblings: Lord Bernard d'Tremaine (45), Lady Sir Valerie d'Tremaine (42)
Spouse: Baroness Annaliese d'Tremaine
Children: Lord Sir Elrick d'Tremaine (25), Lady Antonia al'Ramar (24), Lady Dahlia d'Tremaine


The blustering and proud head of House d'Tremaine. Currently trying to restore the house to its former glory, though with limited success.

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