Bardic Tales and Cultural References

Heroic Epics

Not necessarily love stories, but simply epic tales.

First among the heroic epics is the oldest, known collectively as The Darius Mythos. These are Arthurian in scope, and hold much the same weight on Western literature and culture as the Arthurian ballads do in the real world. Emperor Firebrand is a historical figure, however, and so the subject of the Mythos is a popular focus for academic debate throughout the Civilized Kingdoms. Some of the oldest marble reliefs, mosiacs, and other classic artifacts left by Vir Sidus depict scenes from the Mythos itself. A few tapestries remain, carefully guarded in academic museums, and smaller articles such as vases and scrolls are hotly sought-after by collectors for private display.


Painting of the Firebrand standing near the Colonia of Firen.

War Stories and Battle Tributes

Tales of wars and tributes to heroic battles.

Ballads and Love Stories


Horror Stories and Monsters

Scary stuff


Things that make you facepalm.

Adventure Serials

The Queen's Cavaliers by M.Thistle

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