His Grace, Duke Augustin al'Mordran
David Bradley
David Bradley as Captain, Duke Augustin al'Mordran
Full Name: Captain, Duke Augustin al'Mordran
Byname: The Bloody Tide, the Hero of Alasce
Age: 69
Kingdom: Aequor
House: al'Mordran
Title/Profession: Captain of the Redoubt
Position: Captain in the Aequorian Royal Navy
Place of Birth: Rhone
Sheet Information: +sheet
Father: Rafe (d)
Mother: Sibella (d)
Siblings: Henrique (d)
Spouse: None
Children: None


His Grace, the Captain Augustin al'Mordran is utterly humourless and grim in his dealings, steadfast in defense of the Kingdom he serves and the waters he patrols, the old Lord has bloodied the waters all too often with pirate, heathen and Galenthian blood and has all too easily earned his byname. A life at sea has meant that he no direct family to speak of, though such is the sacrifice given when serving so readily.

On the Grid


The HMS Redoubt, a sturdy ship no doubt! With Cannon fired from afar, and cannon so near, it is hard to see Death's shadow stalking you from the rear. Sail the seas! Sail them, and see what you can see. Maybe one day you'll see the land, before you can no longer raise your hand.

- Prophecy


Jasmina Jasmina : To have served her once was as it should have been, until she betrayed Aequor and rebelled against the rightful rule of King Maris and broke away from Aequor, deplorable!
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