Jarl Astrid Fe' Falkrin Hoyd
Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick as Astrid Fe' Falkrin Hoyd
Full Name: Astrid Fe' Falkrin Hoyd
Byname: Valkyrie
Age: 29
Kingdom: White Hall
House: Clan Falkrin
Title/Profession: Jarl
Position: Jarl, Falcon's Rest
Place of Birth: Falkrin Hoyd
Sheet Information: http://eternalcrusade.wikidot.com/astrid-sheet
Father: Mekah fe'Falkrin Hoyd
Mother: Nisse fe'Falkrin Hoyd
Siblings: Seven. She's the Oldest
Spouse: None
Children: None


Astrid was born in the cold North Western section of the White Hall Kingdom. She grew up as any Njor would and learned to fish, farm, and of course fight. This was, of course, normal growing up Vigamandr. She took especially well to the Axe, and her father was most pleased. There is little to tell of the child as she grew. She got into mischief, she did chores, she learned what was expected of her. In other words, she was a good daughter. As the eldest, she helped raise her brother's and sisters, all seven of them, and earned a sense of family that survives even to today.

It was during Ragnar Ragnessen's uniting of the Ice Clans that her family came to power of their Jarldom. Ragnar had an issue with the old Jarl, and the two fought a duel. Ragnar killed him and offered it to any who thought they were brave enough. Astrid, being Only Nine simply watched as her Mother AND Father declared they'd take the Jarldom. By Force, if they had to. Ragnar liked their gusto, supported them and soon Falkrin Hoyd (Falcon Hill in Njor).

For Ten years she learned at the side of her mother and father until she was Nineteen in 1865. Ragnar called the Clans to action ina Great Raid and the High Queen approved it. Her mother and father left leaving the Clan in her care. They, along with most of the Clan's warrior's never returned. She became the clan's Jarl with only one person contesting her right. She killed the man with a throwing axe to his skull. With mostly women and children left as the warriors left on the Great Raid, she rebuilt the Clan's Warrior out of the Women there. While not uncommon to see women on the battlefield in White Hall, it was quite uncommon to see a clan field a force of almost totally women. She and her warrior cadre became known as the Valkyries, fighting with the aegis of the gods against the enemies of the Njor.

When Reist appeared she had rebuilt her clan. Absorbing sever smaller clans and helped him take the Ice Clans over. When he left for Aequor on his path of Vengeance she agreed to go with him. She was involved in many of the battles in the beginning of the Invasion but was soon left with ehr Clan defending locations and the beachhead. At first, she was furious, until after the battle of d'Picot valley he explained he had been saving her for this. Or something like it. He hadn't expected to be injured as he was, but he knew he would need multiple fronts and a fresh Army to fight the Aequorans.

So as the Armies back on defense were separated into three forces, she was put in charge of the Vanguard and given one command by her new King. Find, defeat, and Kill Jordan al'Morena.

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