House Arkanin of Wayston
Neither Spare Nor Scorn
House Overview
Head of House: Duchess Evae Arkanin
Spouse: None.
Vassals: Duchy of Wayston
Heir: None.
Liege: House Romante
Succession: Eldest male in main line preferred.
Military Strength: Known for their infantry, good bowmen and some light cavalry.
Goods: Copper, Salt, Cotton, Horses, Stone, Figs, Olives, Almonds
Wealth: Excellent. House Arkanin is the second-wealthiest Great House of Galenthia.
Motto: Neither Spare Nor Scorn


Bellmoore Castle in Murias


House Arkanin rules over the most northern Duchy of Galenthia, Wayston, from Murias. Though they are without a port, the Duchy is very well off, with a strong growing climate, mines and quarries through the mountains. Most of their wealth comes from their salt mines. Their position to the North, combined with the mountains, gives Waystoners a reputation as being aloof, and somewhat separated from the rest of the kingdom. This opinion is only furthered by the Arkanin position to remain neutral during the First Succession War and most of the Second, focusing on protecting the northern border during internal strife. They are known mostly for their fierce spear infantry, the best of its type in the kingdom and also their archer skirmishers, both well adapted to the rough, broken terrain of the Duchy.



House Relations

romante Romante : Romante. Much has been lost and has cost us from the Romante's. Perhaps we allowed ourselves to rise too fast. Whatever the reason, our nuetrality and then unwavering support of the Rose Queen has cost us the Archduchess. Now, the kingdom has no Arch-Duke, and we are ruled by her Husband, the Duke Xavier Arkanin. We bend the knee to Romante, we support the Rose, but we hurt for it.
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