Baroness Annaliese D'Tremaine
Molly Simms
Molly Simms as Annaliese Lyrielle D'Tremaine
Full Name: Annaliese Lyrielle D'Tremaine
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Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Tremaine
Title/Profession: Baroness
Position: ?
Place of Birth: ?
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Father: Andre al'Callenta (b. 1880 d. 1862 Suicide)
Mother: Rachelle al'Callenta nee d'Lario (b 1808, deceased)
Siblings: Blaise al'Callenta (b 1829), Catherine d'Synclarre nee al'Callenta (b 1832, d 1862 Battle of Benide), Lynette d'Calen nee al'Callenta (b 1835)
Spouse: Baron Benjamin D'Tremaine
Children: Elrick d'Tremaine (25), Antonia al'Ramar nee d'Tremaine (24), Dahlia d'Tremaine (20)


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