Sir Anjin Tekar
TBA as Anjin Aldman Tekar
Full Name: Anjin Aldman Tekar
Age: 35
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Tekar (Derelict)
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth:
Sheet Information: {$sheet}
Father: Joal Dain (deceased)
Mother: Ramaria Aelin (deceased)
Siblings: Vand Gael ('Van' — deceased)
Aeliri Ramina ('Liri' — deceased)
Spouse: None
Children: None


A quiet, unassuming nobleman's son who swore his service to the One Faith shortly after his knighthood. Though he had an effusive interest in scholastics, he adhered to family tradition and maintained his status as a fit and able knight. He was reportedly killed while en route to Fortress Benide at the behest of the Church, and the ten months since that particular ordeal have considerably changed him underneath that silent exterior.

On the Grid

A man stood on the gallows, the noose tightening around his neck.

He begged the execution to stop; it was his own hands hanging him.

— from the Tears of Stone



Melisande Queen Melisande Sofia Romante : The Rose that grew out of the midst of blood and carnage, but like all such flowers, they must possess more than beauty to survive. Thus far, I have seen nothing to indicate this is not so. Your Majesty has my gratitude for allowing such a question, but I had to know your answer. I will think very hard on what Your Majesty has said.
Letholdus Viscount Letholdus Romante : That the Queen trusts you as far as it seems is a point in your favor. But, can I trust /you/ with the worst of my fears? I am not unaware of your service to the Church, Your Excellency, and that is precisely the problem. Even after this much time, conflicted is a mild term for the anxiety I feel, even now that I… swore to watch your back.
Claire Countess Claire Romante : I am not sure anymore exactly where we stand. You are the wife of the man I have given my word to see safe from harm. Is it not good enough that in ensuring your safety I also ensure his? At first, I thought you might have understood me. Now, I do not know.


rikton The One Faith : I can never return to where I once was. I can never tell anyone why. Already I walk a precipice, and always does it feel that a hand is ready to push me off of it should I not be watchful for it. How long will it be? Could I be wrong in what I think, or is that what they want? Over and over the thoughts continue; the cycle never ends.
Nathaniel Inquisitor Bishop Nathaniel al'Sylenthar : TBD… or is it?
Faustius Inquisitor Bishop Faustius Fogg : TBD
Viola Priestess Viola Magrenal : TBD
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