Lady Angel d'Myrin
Annabeth Gish
Annabeth Gish as Angel d'Myrin (Angelina Romante nee al'Callenta)
Full Name: Angel d'Myrin (Angelina Romante nee al'Callenta)
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 49
Kingdom: Galenthia? Aequor?
House: Romante… or d'Myrin?
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady… or Consort
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Sheet Information: {$sheet}
Father: {$father}
Mother: {$mother}
Siblings: {$siblings}
Spouse: Ulfhain Romante d.; Marco d'Myrin d.
Children: Several dead, two surviving: Letholdus and Clara


A warrior… wed into a bramble of thorns and roses. There she became a mother, a wife, and eventually… some may say coward. After Angelina Romante fled north with her only surviving daughter to try and preserve her among her family, her tale ends.

But there is another word for what she has become.


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