House al'Mordran
Justice and Truth
House Overview
Head of House: Archduchess Jasmina al'Mordran
Spouse: None, presently
Vassals: d'Cordova and various lesser houses
Heir: Lord Mario al'Mordran (presumed)
Liege: House al'Ramar
Succession: Eldest child inherits regardless of gender, though this is a fairly recent change.
Military Strength: Known for their elite cavalry unit, the Lightning Brigade, and very resilient infantry.
Goods: Elementi Warhounds, Various Foodstuffs (particularly grain), Exotic Goods
Wealth: Due to trade with the Vir Sidus Empire and the fertility of their lands, the al'Mordrans are even richer than most ducal houses.
Motto: Justice and Truth


House al'Mordran is an old House, as old as al'Ramar. They guard the Eastern province and for the last two decades have been the only Nobles in the West that have had trade relations with the fabled Vir Sidus Empire that once ruled over them all.



The Lightning Brigade


First ones in, first ones out.

House Relations

alramar King Maris al'Ramar : Our many years of loyalty to the royal family of Aequor has paid off in a certain level of loyalty returned. We are deeply honored to be aligned with them and to be able to count them as our allies.
almordran Baron Regan d'Mordran : A cadet branch of the al'Mordan family tree so far removed from the mainline that it can honestly be said that very little is known about them. Even though there's usually very little contact between the two lands save for business, which is often done from afar, the bond between them has remained strong.
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