House Overview
Head of House: Prince Viktor
Spouse: -
Vassals: -
Heir: -
Liege: None
Succession: First born child
Military Strength: -
Goods: -
Wealth: Very Rich
Motto: -


Alezzo is the realm that the Viktor Romante, the Grey Prince of Galenthia (also known as the Thorn), fled to after losing the Second Succession War. Originally a Parthian Principality, it became its own independent Principality, although allied heavily to the Parthians. Alezzo is a hub for merchant activity along the coast of the southern continent as well as a stopping point for many merchants at the end of the Great Salt.

Due to massive immigration at the close of the Second Succession war of adherents of the Thorn, the Principality has fused aspects of Galenthian and Parthian cultures, though the nobility is mostly of Galenthian origin.



House Relations

Romante Melisande : {$relationship}
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