Lady Aislinn d'Roux
Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton as Lady Aislinn d'Roux
Full Name: Lady Aislinn d'Roux
Byname: None
Age: 19
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Roux
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Heir of House d'Roux
Place of Birth: d'Roux Barony
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Father: Baron Bearach d'Roux
Mother: Baroness Elva d'Roux nee Liadaj
Siblings: Several younger brothers and sisters
Spouse: Finn d'Roux (nee of Clan Aodghan)
Children: None yet


Aislinn is the firstborn daughter of Baron Bearach d'Roux and the heir to House d'Roux. Like most of her House, she's a warrior foremost, and she shows her house's Caltu roots, to the point that she's even married to one of the Caltu clansmen who now reside in the d'Roux barony after being driven out by their mutual enemy - the goblins.

On the Grid

A folk of cheeriness and strength
content with the life they lived
So-called barbarians yet with eyes cleared
for what they truly need and what damn not

free and plain

Barbarians, farmers and savages
counted as ignorant and uncivil
But told to bow before the emperors throne
they were at least not venal

True and plain freedom - of this natures clan
True and plain pride - of this Celtic clan
True and plain dignity - Tegernako!

Not for riches, not for sway
not for economic benefits
met they the emperors requirements
for freedom can't be bought

- Eluveitie, "Tegernako"


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