Lady (Sir) Agnès Gwynain
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams as Agnès Gwynain (née Tarris)
Full Name: Agnès Gwynain (née Tarris)
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 36
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Gwynain
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Place of Birth: Griffon Point
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Father: Lord (Sir) Cain Tarris (d. 1832)
Mother: Lady Moridella Tarris
Siblings: None
Spouse: Father Jephray Gwynain (b. 1833)
Children: Three sons (b. 1854, 1855, 1862) and a daughter (b. 1863)


By birth the niece of Archduke Dougal Tarris and the anathematised Alphard, by marriage the wife of the priestly younger son of Keeper of the Seals Viscount Alfred Gwynain, Agnès is a sometimes knight, a woman of parts, a woman under a permanent cloud, who has spent most of her life fleeing from her own potential or at any rate failing to live up to it.

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Jephray Father Jephray Gwynain : The best man alive. (Cf. background.)
Alfred Viscount (Sir) Alfred Gwynain : That Alfred Gwynain — by all accounts a fine man — consented to her marriage with his son, baffled Agnès at the time. She has spent the succeeding fifteen years stepping carefully in his presence, though she has less reason to worry than perhaps she supposed. Viscounts are fond of grandchildren and dislike domestic drama. Given that she's the mother of four of the former, produces none of the latter, and did as she was told (albeit reluctantly) throughout the Succession War, they stand well with one another. They will never be close, but tolerance is perhaps fading with time into trust.
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