The Kingdom of Aequor


The north of the Civilized West has always been a place of trend setting. Aequor was once an entire Province in the Empire, and claims to be the oldest holdings in the West. Which may be the truth. After the Empire fell back to their capital, Aequor was left, like the rest of the West, defenseless against the Garail Hordes to the south, the Icenaila to the north and the White Hall clans from the sea. To combat this, a troupe of seasoned veterans who had chosen to live in this frontier province, organized a militia and turned back the hordes of enemies that tried to destroy the lands. They attempted to keep apart of the Empire, but the Icenaila continued their relentless assaults and raids. The Empire had no desire to continue relations with the west, and left the Province to their own devices. After a few years of being left alone they came to the conclusion that they needed leadership.

The man who they had named general, Trevis al’Ramar (Trevisus Ramarius at the time), was chosen by the other military commanders to be the first king of Aequor, while the other commanders were given lordships and lands of their own to protect within the borders of Aequor. Given the founding lords were military men, it is not a surprise that the Aequor military has been enough to keep dissent out of the nation. All of the nation’s threats have been from outside, with rarely a squabble between the noble houses. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but unlike the southern kingdom, it is a rare thing indeed for the Aequor nobles to be at each other’s throats. One of the largest wars in the west they brought upon themselves when they tried to quell the northern Icenaila tribes.

In the early 1800s, the kingdom went north on a crusade and invaded the northern “wastes.” There they met with terrible resistance, and attempted this crusade for seventy three long years. They made fortresses and outposts, and tried to educate the savages of the northern tribes and civilize them. What they got instead was the tribes continued aggression. After they had “conquered” the north, and attempted to build their own colonies, however one woman, the Icenaila Queen Kyrena, rose up against the invaders. After years of surprisingly effective raids and a few humiliating defeats, the Aequor retreated back to their lands.

This defeat was likely helped along by the Thirty Years war with Galenthia which they had foolishly entered in to while warring in the north. They had been at war with Galenthia before, but never a two front war. Though the High Priest of the Faith had put a stop to the war, and Galenthia entered into a war for succession, Aequor did not have the forces to battle two enemies at the same time, and suffered greatly for this folly.

The Kingdom had converted completely to the Faith after a successful Inquisition at the start of the attempt to conquer the Icenaila. They purged all worshipers of the Many, and the High Priest named the King and Queen at the time, the Defenders of the Faith, a title that the king and queen still maintain. While the kingdom had centuries earlier declared for the faith, they are now quite in the pocket of the church, and every house has a priest that instructs the next generation of nobles in general education as well as matters of religion. Every house also keeps an advisor from the church (sometimes separate from the Priest giving instruction), and the King and Queen are advised heavily by a Cardinal from Rikton, while many of the kingdom’s knights also serve as Templars for the holy faith. While still loyal to the Crown, they find themselves in a dual loyalty to both Crown and Church which can sometimes create a bit of an internal conflict.

In the late 1860s and early 1870s, the Kingdom was invaded by Kentaire during the War of the West, capturing much of the al'Morena Duchy of Alasce for the five year duration of the war. At the same time, the Qatunax sub-kingdom of Kultepex was established in the far south east of Aequor at the feet of the Ergonian Mountains, after destroying a number of vassals of House al'Mordran. In 1874, the western coastal area of Alasce was again invaded, this time by the new kingdom of Bitralund, composed of warriors and farmers from White Hall. The following year, 1875, Aequor was engulfed in a civil war that saw multiple areas break off - the Duchy of Rhone became the Kingdom of Eosphora, the Duchy of Gendiel became an independent kingdom.

Provinces of Aequor:
al'Morena Duchy of Alasce = Evalle Province (partially conquered by Bitralund)
al'Mordran Duchy of Rhone = River Province (broken off into an independent kingdom)
al'Callenta Duchy of Murnod = Munito Province
al'Ramar Duchy of Lyionesse = Lyionesse Province
al'Arran Duchy of Gendial = Arrani Province (broken off into an independent kingdom)

Nobles of Aequor:

Ruler: King Maris al’Ramar and Queen Cynthia al’Ramar

Ruling House: al’Ramar

Major Houses: al’Morena, al'Callenta, al'Mordran (rebelled), al'Arran (rebelled)

Minor Houses: D'Armaz

House al’Ramar House al’Morena House al’Callenta House al’Mordran (reb) House al’Arran (reb)

d'Augustino (County)

d'Juliano (County)

Direct Vassals:

d'Acuto of Garfana (Barony)
d'Torrance (Barony)
d'Erinian (Barony)
d'Kaytrie (Barony)
d'Sierge (Lordship)
d'Paule (Lordship)
d'Vanile (Lordship)
d'Hone (Lordship)

d'Geroux of Fox Hollow (County)

d'Geroux (original county, destroyed by Bitralund 1874)

d'Armaz of Fiorello (County)

Direct Vassals:

d'Bellet (Barony, destroyed by Bitralund 1874))
d'alasce (Lordship)
d'Picot (Barony)
d'Lacroix (Lordship)
d'Martine (Lordship)
Open seat (lordship)

d'Lario (County)

d'Cadri (County)

Direct Vassals:

d'Tremaine (Barony)
d'Laucran (Barony)
d'Etoile (Barony)
d'Cauley (Lordship)

d'Cordova (County)

d'Korbina (County - Currently under Vir Sidus control imperial-colonies-of-the-west)

  • d'Bartone (Barony)
  • d'Mollari (Barony destroyed by Qatunax replaced by paras colonia)
  • d'Meloni (Lordship destroyed by Qatunax and revived)
  • open seat (Lordship under steward destroyed by Qatunax and occupied)

Direct Vassals:

d'Mordran (Barony)

d'Rhandoul (Barony, annexed by the Vir Sidus Empire)

d'Elfleda (Lordship)
d'Alessone (Lordship)
d'Saerus (Lordship)
open seat (Lordship)


The formation of the armies of Aequor are modelled after that of Vir Sidus, calling their armies Legions, though not formed in the same rigid manner and not nearly as professionally organised. Aequor has a standing force, the Argent Legion, that is subsidised by the ruling al'Ramar but run mainly by House al'Callenta. It is as close to a national army as the Kingdom has.

Beyond this, Aequor's houses have their own military forces composed of professional soldiers, small numbers of militia and large groups of levies. Due to the importance put on knighthood, Aequorian houses employ more knights than other Kingdoms in the West.

For more information on this topic, please see the warfare page.

Forces currently deployed: Kingdom of Aequor Military

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