"Revolution never repeats itself because it never ends."

-Pierre Serna

It is 1874 of the Imperial Era. The War of the West has ended after nearly six years. On one side, the Kingdoms of Aequor, Galenthia and Ryalta – the Allied Powers. On the other, the Principality of Kentaire and the Holy States of Rikton – the Central Powers. Friends came and went; Navali, once a Central Power shifted in 1869 to neutrality, in order to deal with other foes. The Free City State Four Corners, officially neutral, showered the Allies with men, money and material. A treaty of peace has been signed at the Senate of the West. Both Galenthia and Aequor have agreed to terms and Rikton has followed, though none are truly happy with the strength that their former foe, Kentaire, has maintained. Mistrust and intrigue are rife.

Still, the end of hostilities after years of war has at least salved some wounds and means that garrisons can replenish, fields that have laid fallow for years can be sowed, and business can resume. True to the traditions of the Civilised West, however, true peace continues to elude all. In the east, the Vir Sidus Empire has nearly crumbled under the onslaught of the vicious Qatunax, who've pushed even into Aequor and Galenthia, carving out new lands for their High King. The goblins, their masters and whatever other creatures lurk in the Ergonian mountains are a constant threat, with the wilds of the borders becoming dangerous and unpredictable. In the far west, the mysterious sea borne Mitanga occasionally probe, while White Hall's fierce Ice Clans pillage and plunder the west coast of the civilised kingdoms and in the south, both the Empire of Partharia and the Principality of Alezzo wait for their chances to strike.

Draw your blade and heed the call of the Eternal Crusade!

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The winds blew and with them came the Empire of Partharia. At this moment most of the Fortresses on the Great Salt are under Siege. If you could not be in the 7 Oct battle but are a regular resident of one of the Fortresses, please put up a memoir about being, Under Siege. They did not use military ships to accomplish this. They literally flooded the Great Salt with Merchant Ships hauling huge numbers of Slaves and Client Kingdom soldiers.

Which to the educated mind means that the long delay before the attack was setting this up, and frankly GETTING all these ships and that the REAL Military hasn't arrived yet. Those of the Military Ships and their professional Soldiers.

So, let's talk Scenes
If Snoopy can't be there to run one, you can do one of several scenes.

  • A Social. On the walls looking at the enemy. Taunting them. Whatever. Even in the local Drinking Hole. Thanks to Dertan and Thomas, the Fortresses are VERY well supplied. So have a Pint and comisserate.
  • A skirmish on the walls. Just don't have it be in the neighborhood of thousands, but a hundred or so is fine.
  • Scout the area around the fortress. Feel free to run these for yourselves. Remember this is COOPERATIVE Storytelling. Tell a good story! But don't forget the drama and challenge. You are the Heroes of this tale, but you are NOT batman or superman. You can fail, and should sometimes!
  • Memoirs! We always love us some Memoirs!

Airships are NOT running in Southern Aequor, or along the Coast. At All. At present. Which means if you want to travel in those areas speak to a Staffer. The East (ie Hellsmouth and Rhone is still being serviced)
Similarily, because they pass over the Coast, Airships are NOT traveling to Navali, or Ryalta. You can still get to Four Corners but it takes a very round about way that does not touch the coast.
Moongazers in these areas are actively being hunted and news is slow to escape as a result.

FATE Crusade This is the new system. Please bear in mind there is LOTS of dust as we tweak and correct it so as to make it even better for our players. This page currently houses everything for FATE Crusade including: Chargen, Skill lists, Stunt suggestions, commands in game.

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